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Playing on my mind (thoughts of you) on springs, at dawn, on me, in love.
The light of early morning filters through heavy winter curtains revealing parts of your beautiful face. I snuggle and stretch catching a glimpse of the light as it plays on your lips. I move higher, straining my body warm from sleep, letting the cold in: I want to see your eyes!
I read our story there, a new chapter has begun in our continuing saga, so I relax and smile knowingly, welcoming the new dawn..

I'm late getting to the office! Drove like a car thief to steal time,and I'm still lagging behind. Drat it's gonna be a long day!
Note to self:
 "Avoid lengthy morning showers."
"Slick roads make for dodgy turns."
"Crazy suburban drivers are scarier in wet weather."
"Never take on a taxi!"

It is pouring out; the torrent turns  tar to water. I dash through the parking lot, glad I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail and my long black leather boots that…

The Private Room

Patricia walked into the room like she owned the joint, her paisley silk scarf  tied in a knot, swaying  her hips like Shakira, her long legs muscular, toned and tanned against the navy blue silk mini skirt. She wore red heels, patent leather with 6 inch heels, it made her legs look like it vanished into eternity. She smiled a knowing smile, her gaze held steady, fixed on the door in the back. She didn't see the waiter dodging out of her way, his tray laden with pretty drinks in tall glasses. She didn't  flinch when the pretty young waitress with big boobs on display in a tight white baby-T, bumped into her.
She kept her stride, balancing on her skyscraper heels like a pro.

She stopped short of the door, took a step sideways and glanced at herself in the gilded mirror. Her hair looked good, golden curls hanging softly against her blue shirt, her buttons straining; threatening to pop, her shirt too tight across her chest, revealing red lace. He had bought it for her. He only…


What wouldn't I give, for one more chance...

But you are Judas.
Betrayal hangs thick on you like a monk's cloak; dark and heavy.
Waves of heat and nausea wrack my body. Thinking of you makes me break out in a sweat, my head spins and I lose my appetite faster than a vegan in a McD's.
You are casual in your toxicity, cool in your remorselessness, spitting out words to bruise: "Crazy!"

So I steer clear.
And you remain... living just beneath my skin, in my blood, present with every breath.

What wouldn't I give, for one more chance...

But you are Delilah.
Deception wielded with the skill of a marksman.
Waves of lust and longing consume me, dulling my judgement. It leaves me weak at the knees and weakens my resolve.
You exploit my weaknesses, leaving me wanting.
I am hungry, my appetite for you a deep well; an empty pit: dank, dangerous, deadly.

I am Samson to you; my hair, my sexuality, my faith in us, cut away.
And you remain.
You live where you once lingered... …